This trick is out for some days now. I decided to post it out for some mtn users that needs it. Before using this trick, make sure you are on MTN PULSE.

To migrate to mtn pulse, send 406 to 131 as a text message or dail *406#

After that, follow these steps:::

1. Send fbo to 131

2. Send fb0 to 131 (you'll be given mb)

repeat it one after the other and get upto GB. It's free.

Airtel mb still rocks till now. Check Here!!!

M stl d guy u knw.


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Zulex880 on 06:51 PM, 26-Mar-13

Perfectly working but d mb is not lasting i nid free browsing 4 web browser pls ad me at 2go zulex880

Agbi adodo on 03:16 AM, 27-Mar-13

Give us beter information.... Is not workout

Feman on 05:43 AM, 27-Mar-13

Seriously this not working, sent it more than 5times and i didnt get anything in return.. Anything

malik on 07:57 AM, 27-Mar-13

It works like die.

Farukumar14 on 05:44 PM, 27-Mar-13


Farukumar14 on 05:46 PM, 27-Mar-13


Emrys on 10:06 PM, 27-Mar-13

It work,bt patialy.Dey hav jst gvn me 5mb only.Am really gratefull kip it up

diplus ogunsegun on 11:54 PM, 27-Mar-13

are you sure this is for real???

jollies on 03:46 AM, 28-Mar-13

it didnt work o,they nly gav 5mb,wen i resnt it,it said i hv already opted in

monday on 05:09 AM, 28-Mar-13

is it zero"0" or capital letter hoe"O"?

Berryman on 07:08 AM, 28-Mar-13

Thanx 4all d helpfull info u're posting bro. But dis fbo tin sucks in dat it browses at d rate of 5mb per page opened. So, it almost useless. Do u know of d mtn unlimited browsing dat's all over d place, or d cracked sim stuff. Pls and pls and pls and pls x1 million, let me in on it. My mail is Tanx.

Baffa on 07:37 AM, 28-Mar-13

Tanx 4 ur contribution master.

Phillip on 11:03 AM, 28-Mar-13

Nice. I wil give it a try

Oluwasegun on 05:34 AM, 29-Mar-13

Dix cheat works but d mb is just 5

meyewa1 on 08:12 AM, 30-Mar-13

Guy u are d Lord of cheats bt plz give us more.d 5mb dosent last

Hackileze on 10:58 AM, 30-Mar-13

I've gat a cheat code dat i've bin using 4 lng and yet it's stil work ... Wel it's 140mb mtn. I suld av drop it here buh i dnt want d cheat 2 b blockd so easily dat's y... Buh u kan reach me by kalin 08107803881 ...n.b. Cheaterz dnt kal, no flashing... Or 2go temitope2414wink.. Stay cB-)B-)l pwinkls

Prince Adesam on 07:45 PM, 31-Mar-13

i (love) dis but i was only given 5mb. In case any1 knws abt unlimited browsing on any network, i wil appreci8 u hint me. Tanks 08030666378

Anas on 01:02 PM, 01-Apr-13

Bross i go try it tnx.

Evans on 08:14 AM, 02-Apr-13

Airtel is down again believe me.
There is no need for grammer, I'm
here to put smile on ur faces. If u re
bored of paying for internet
connection, then here we go cos its
rocking lyk madt on all phonez: bb, nokia, ipad n them. This is
no joke cos as am talkin to u now, i
ve 5gb wich am flexing on my e5 n
am gettin mur as much as i lyk. I jst
wana share it wit u guyz so u 2 can
enjoy it. If u re interested then inbox, call or whatsapp me on
08189148750 . Am not sharing it here
to avoid it being blocked. Get it now
when its hot before airtel wil block

Gubuchi on 01:42 PM, 02-Apr-13

It did'nt work,i tried it many times but dey dnt gv me anything

gallantboy42 on 08:58 AM, 03-Apr-13

i tried twice but there is no mb,plz is it capital letter O or 0,tanx

Adigun on 02:28 PM, 03-Apr-13

Kudos to u

Raymond on 03:07 PM, 04-Apr-13

08162771818 add me 4 whatapp

abbey on 05:13 PM, 05-Apr-13

i need cheat

kelzyandrei on 07:16 PM, 05-Apr-13

I think its cool buh i av 2 giv it up 4 a try

youngjay on 09:51 PM, 06-Apr-13


bobbydee on 11:37 AM, 07-Apr-13

let try it an c if it dnt work u cn give us beter 1next tym thank bro

kens on 06:10 AM, 08-Apr-13

fake mehn it dsnt work

Examstaff on 08:00 PM, 08-Apr-13
go ther for bext runz

Young lord on 02:35 PM, 10-Apr-13

Diz nt working a tall its totaly nonsence

yktsagero on 12:58 PM, 11-Apr-13

Hey Bad Bastards,
That Sell Mtn Trick,
Fear Your God,
You get if free you sell it @ higher cost,

Thats Why [color=red]I am Going To Drop The Link For This MTN Unlimited Now, After Dropping, Kill Me, Ban Me, Hack Me, Or What Ever You Can Do To Me, Free Is Free,
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Free Dommm Fo All


I recently Dropped the link @ 9jaclub & they ban me, now on dis site

Here it is..

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if you cant see a link above, or
If it appear to you unclickable,
copy the link below & remove the spaces..
Thats all....

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Dont ever pay someone your money,!!!
its just free....

enjoy b4 dey block am.

alabedetokunbo on 05:32 AM, 13-Apr-13


Walex jacson on 12:06 PM, 13-Apr-13

Pls i want 2 change d number i used 4 register my 2go anyone that can do it 4 me should call me wit dis number 08148503653 or add me on 2go champion1724

Rotex P on 09:00 PM, 13-Apr-13

nice job can it work for my lap top?

abdul on 09:56 AM, 14-Apr-13

its workin i 3y it nd i was givin 5mb..for mor infor add me un my 2go accnt "sbanagus01"

praise on 12:02 PM, 14-Apr-13

i tried it more dan 10 times bt it sis nt work

Bike on 04:17 PM, 14-Apr-13

Check the latest mtn cheat on

Modestus on 06:54 PM, 14-Apr-13

Sup palz.i didnt wnt2 mak ths open bt i finaly decided nt 2 b greedy.ther's ths newly craked free callcheat exclusively for airtel users only.i wanted 2 make it open to d house but i changed mymind cos it might get tracked and wud cost a little token,750mtn recharge card.b4 i snd it 2 u thru text, u wud send 400card, then after activatin it, u wud send me d rest with sincerity. I knw am being too generous but Enjoy....ths my numbr,07038558252

Bordex on 07:18 PM, 14-Apr-13

I dnt knw aw 2 get diz cheat guy teach me.

lekside on 10:25 PM, 14-Apr-13

i nee cheet

Abudar84 on 02:57 AM, 22-Apr-13

Its work for more information ad me on 2go @abudar84,or visit

Thomassunkanmi on 05:56 AM, 27-Apr-13

Jaycode u ar 2 much tuale 4 u. Dis mtn unlimited dat u ar talkin abt is it only u dat is selling it or i cn get 4rm mtn center

Thomassunkanmi on 06:14 AM, 27-Apr-13

Bros pls cn i get jamb answer. biology, chemistry, physics nd English b4 9:00am dis is my noba 07039405983 if u cn do it 4 me i wil b gr8ful nd see u wit my appreciation

seafuck on 01:17 PM, 27-Apr-13


chris on 11:53 AM, 29-Apr-13

MTN mAGIC SIM is me for ur own now !
unlimited free browsing

abel essien on 11:57 AM, 29-Apr-13

hw to get d cheart

Ike on 04:18 PM, 29-Apr-13

Guy u 2 much, plz teach us hw 2 design website plz

kidamikky on 04:29 PM, 29-Apr-13

4 mtn cheat cheek [url][/url]

normandy on 12:46 PM, 02-May-13

How to browse for free

Smith McDonald on 05:32 PM, 02-May-13

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Ajayi tunde ifedayo on 11:50 AM, 04-May-13

I need 2go free cheat

Webstar on 07:51 PM, 09-May-13

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I will now give you the tips on how to use it.
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Wisdom lukpata on 01:56 PM, 12-May-13

It did not work

gerald on 05:47 PM, 14-May-13

jst pray it works

Alozie kyle on 10:27 AM, 16-May-13

If i hear say e work. Am just a guy dat rather help add me up on 2go promisecox4.sori i don't giv my numba out

ADEYEMI on 09:41 AM, 19-May-13

i love this

topmost on 01:38 PM, 19-May-13

una papa

Prof. Osahon on 07:19 PM, 19-May-13

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john on 07:08 AM, 25-May-13

for how long will the magic sim browse free?

Durodola damilare on 10:54 PM, 27-May-13

I need sheat browser and code

Apexloaded on 05:15 AM, 31-May-13

get your mtn magic sim pack now, it is working 4 me over months now and have not yet stop. Just contact me @ 08142814191 or

Apexloaded on 05:17 AM, 31-May-13

get your mtn magic sim pack now, it is working 4 me over months now and have not yet stop. Just contact me @ 08142814191 or

babatunde on 08:32 PM, 31-May-13

pls i need mtn unlimited Bundle pls can you link me with my email address , pls i wanna use am on my pc . on 08:51 AM, 02-Jun-13

To get all the 2go cheat plus mtn new free credit, airtel 4gb, etisalat opera cheat dat downloads simply visit skynetlodge. tk or add me on 2go with lovinkelvin. U can also learn al d hacking u ever wanted, so quicky visit skynetlodge. tk today and enjow wonderful free services.
Skynetlodge. tk on 10:28 PM, 08-Jun-13

pls add me on 2go guys abeg @sesameq thanks or call 08161804124

isaacraphael on 03:58 PM, 17-Jul-13

what is the cutofff mark for microbiology @AAU 2013.

Emirobailukan on 05:23 PM, 24-Jul-13

Let cheak d magic sim

Ananomous on 09:53 AM, 05-Aug-13

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santiago on 03:04 PM, 26-Sep-13

dey remove #5 for each 5mb xo datz nt a cheat

chima on 06:32 PM, 08-Oct-13

only 5mb

bigi on 07:53 PM, 19-Oct-13

what about mtn cheat, na wa for na

Basad on 04:54 AM, 15-Nov-13


Damilola Omotere on 03:51 PM, 15-Nov-13

Latest cheat on Systems only

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browsing cheatmaster on 07:02 PM, 13-Dec-13

It is tipical rubbish cant u discover a perfect browsing cheat?

Broweringcheatmaster on 07:07 PM, 13-Dec-13

if u wana get perfect browsing cheat of all network, simply Add me on facebook=prezzi o maduka

Lakialex on 11:11 PM, 22-Dec-13

Guy man i tire 4 many cheat WEY NO DEY WORK. Any one wey knw cheat abeg let me knm.:070386965671

FB.lucky iziengbe.

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