HOTTEST CHEAT(2go and all application Special edition)

I'm about to drop a nuclear cheat bomb, mk sure it hits ur phone, Lolz. Don't miss sharin ds on facebook. U can use this for 2go, opera any application and hey 4u gyz sayin i'm wicked 4nt dropin 2go cheat, stop it lolz. Its actualy 4 airtel
1. Text SOCIALMONTH to 440,
Sending the Message, You will
Receieve a Message from 0802
asking you to wait.
2. After about 2 Minutes, You
receive another Msg from
again, And you will be
that you have been given a
Bundle of 1024MB
3. Now Dial *141*712*0# on
Phone and you will see that
have 1024MB untouched.
4. Remove your Phone Battery
Insert it again, Then ON your
Phone and start Browsing.
NOTE br /> » You can Send the
Message to
440 even without having any
Credit on your Phone and if
have it wont be Deducted.
» You can Remove your SIM to
with your Modem to Browse
on PC.
» It will Last for Good 1 Month
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182 responses to "HOTTEST CHEAT(2go and all application Special edition)"

martins on 02:18 PM, 30-Jun-11

tanks alot u're a life saver. But after 1month can it stil b subscribed during d 2nd month. Reply

zikky on 01:21 AM, 10-Jul-11

dont u hav a cheat dat can give u more go credit or increase ur star

franklyn on 11:35 AM, 18-Jul-11

pls,send me 2go cheat in my face email is

edoin on 02:46 PM, 19-Jul-11

i wnt 2 no 2go cheat 4 mtn.plz am dspr8!

wizzy on 11:36 PM, 23-Jul-11

U have insufficient balance.pls try agin wen u recharge

Ikechukwu on 12:22 AM, 25-Jul-11

Pls i ned 2go cheat 4 mtn.and i ned free browsin

Richard on 12:32 AM, 30-Jul-11

My guy,na only God go bless u.thanks a lot. Pls always keep us informed of d latest cheat.THANKS

Emmanuel on 04:19 AM, 04-Aug-11

Guy do u hav 2go cheat 4 mtn,etisalat

Courage on 08:24 PM, 04-Aug-11

Gun doe't kill pple ple kill ple.

yousuphholatunji on 04:33 AM, 05-Aug-11

i need etisalat or airtel cheat

francis on 06:36 AM, 05-Aug-11

guy i need 2go cheat for mtn pls

francis on 06:39 AM, 05-Aug-11

guys i need 2go cheat for mtn. This my number 08136048587

smartcaleb on 10:18 AM, 06-Aug-11

guy any 2go cheat wit etisalat? Pls if any am in need of it. or 08122513686

Faruqkru on 05:29 AM, 12-Aug-11

Guy i need 2go cheat 4 mtn.tnx 4 ur contribution.sent it 2

ogona samson on 09:10 AM, 13-Aug-11


Wosaokpogho1 on 01:19 PM, 15-Aug-11

Aga ata

Pika on 07:27 AM, 20-Aug-11

Boss,plz i need 2go cheat 4 mtn n a cheat 4 opera dat can dwnload jar filez

Pika.. on 07:31 AM, 20-Aug-11

Plz U can send d 2go mtn or etisalat cheat 2 my email or inbox me on facebuk ...pika lawrence.

manbashman on 02:18 PM, 28-Aug-11

guy u ar 2much i see ur hand. Guy pls am in nid of 2go cheat 4 mtn tanx. Ad dis is my numba 07035785541 flah i wil cal. Tank u so much

Nel on 06:51 PM, 29-Aug-11

Send 2go cheat on

bobjezy on 06:02 PM, 07-Sep-11

dat 2go cheat de wok weler i no fit shout con and see free chating n uploading file chat till ur fon hot 2go de sweet o.

tikablue on 08:30 PM, 08-Sep-11

i nid 2go cheat 4 mtn pls hlp me my email is der is a reward 4 any hlpa.tnx am waiting

Rollindollars on 11:15 AM, 12-Sep-11

Guyz nah too much oh,pls inbox me 2go cheat @

Ifeanyi on 11:12 AM, 16-Sep-11

Pls i am using nokia x2-01...nd i need mtn 2go cheat...pls dis is my my mobile number s 08135201068

De sapin on 03:49 PM, 20-Sep-11

Guys pls help me,i ned mtn 2go cheat.

Spikekid on 03:55 PM, 20-Sep-11

2go cheat pls.etibaba

Prince.yucee.swag on 10:05 PM, 23-Sep-11


Yb on 06:57 PM, 01-Oct-11

My brodas am nw a great hacker n if u guys wanna knw how just logon to Its so fantastic n loaded! Hurry there nw cos i cant wait ooo

Levi on 08:35 PM, 04-Oct-11

Pls i nid free 2go chat.pls hep me on

Dre on 02:23 PM, 16-Oct-11

This guy cheat no dey work fool

James on 05:35 PM, 19-Oct-11

Pls i nid 2go cheat for MTN, send it through

James on 05:36 PM, 19-Oct-11

Pls i nid 2go cheat for MTN, send it through

James on 05:37 PM, 19-Oct-11

Pls i nid 2go cheat for MTN, send it through

abjato on 07:33 AM, 30-Oct-11

Am in need gocredit cheats and star progress cheat 4 2go plx dis ma number 08189230537

hacker on 04:37 PM, 10-Nov-11

i hav gocrdt cheat nd star cheat. Add me on 2go wit 'SELGAGO'. HOLD UR 1000MTN OO

Austineyoung on 08:19 AM, 17-Nov-11

I nid mtn 2go cheat pls my number is 07067577316

Israel on 04:55 PM, 19-Nov-11

Pls wch website can i download 2go handler...pls u knw do wel to tel me...dis ma usernem on 2go...brownsterr

Damola on 05:33 AM, 02-Dec-11

Kind send 2go cheat if there is any.

Seth on 05:41 AM, 02-Dec-11

I dont mind paying any amount to get 2go send it in an sms to this number 08037755330

Wizkally on 06:10 AM, 07-Dec-11

Guy abeg i nid 2go credit cheat and star increasing cheat,email me or call 08181825933

Abwam1 on 02:25 PM, 08-Dec-11

I need 2go star cheat i'm using etisalat my email is pls thanks

Legend on 02:58 AM, 24-Dec-11

any one wey get 2go cheat flash my number. 08133801799 or send text. i go call you.

Igwebuike chigozie on 01:21 PM, 03-Jan-12

please,i need 2go cheats.......u cn send me an email at

Farouk on 02:26 PM, 10-Jan-12

Pls i nid a mtn 2go cheat or etisalat pls bozz snd it 2 me

Farouk on 02:27 PM, 10-Jan-12

Pls i nid a mtn 2go cheat or etisalat pls bozz snd it 2 me

Esbee on 12:21 AM, 17-Jan-12

Pls if u hav 2go cheats call me wif diz number plz nd plz...08060988961

Abdul on 02:42 PM, 17-Jan-12


Emilud on 05:53 PM, 29-Jan-12

Pls i need free mtn 2go cheat 4 version's my number=08162091109

Oge on 05:00 AM, 07-Feb-12

Any 2go chat on etisalat pls am in need of it sorry.

den brown on 07:25 AM, 10-Feb-12

i luv u all pls man i need cheats for opera 5.1

Patrick on 04:11 PM, 12-Feb-12

I need 2go gc cheat and star cheat...add me up on ushbebe...fanxx

Uche on 09:20 AM, 16-Feb-12

I need 2go cheat on mtn send it to my email at uchennaajuka@yahoo.Com

joshuabee on 07:27 PM, 18-Feb-12


ismail junaidu on 08:22 PM, 20-Feb-12

plx i nid go credit cheat and is dre any cheat whch will increaqse my star?

bonzee45 on 05:46 PM, 21-Feb-12

plz i ned 2go cheat in my email

Oyejide on 07:05 AM, 22-Feb-12

I tried the social month insufficient saying pls i nd anoda means (

Johnson david on 02:46 AM, 24-Feb-12

Guy u ar mre than 2mch may God bless ryt nw i nid 2go cheats nd freebrowsing codes 4 my mtn.plz hlp me diz my N.O.08066898132

ibrahim on 08:36 AM, 25-Feb-12

Pls I need 2go cheats for mtn please and please here is my bb pin:2226b896

Hackinking on 09:20 PM, 25-Feb-12

if you want gocredits cheat, anagram for gowords, new reloaded free browsing cheats for all networks, 2go screenshooter, how to escape Limits, add me @ SEDEM! But Make Sure Your 500 Naira MTN Is Der!

AIG on 02:10 PM, 26-Feb-12

Pls i need star nd go credit cheat help me 08030900750 this my no

Ishaqa on 08:03 AM, 29-Feb-12

Guyz i nid 2go gcrdt plz hlp me add my in 2go here ishakayaho1 tnx

Samuel jackson on 02:12 PM, 29-Feb-12

I need 2 increase my star do u hv a cheat am despr8 08098722481

Dahrelah on 02:13 AM, 01-Mar-12

Please i need 2go CHEAT BADLY and ETISALAT cheat too...My STAR PROGRESS is very slow.

BLUEPRINTZ on 05:02 PM, 02-Mar-12

Abeg cheatz 4 2go la..08132219756

Peter Elebuchi on 06:52 AM, 04-Mar-12

Boss, pls i am so despr8 of 2go gocredit pls help me wth d cheat 4 gocredit and i wll eva b gr8ful n D almighty God i srve Wll Bless u

linus on 05:06 PM, 04-Mar-12

i need 2go cheat etisalat

linus on 05:06 PM, 04-Mar-12

i need 2go cheat etisalat

Kellyjazzy on 11:19 PM, 05-Mar-12

Pls i need d 2go cheat tọo. As u snd it mayy god blex u. 07063604026. Lov ya all.

successor on 08:10 PM, 09-Mar-12

d cheat aint wrkin

isaiah on 07:55 PM, 12-Mar-12

hv got 2go cheat...finish prof in 1 up wit isaiah253

Kidda kruz on 11:24 PM, 13-Mar-12

Need 2go cheat and ur number

Aloma boy on 10:31 PM, 16-Mar-12

Pls i need etisalat latest cheat 4 opera 4.2 u can send it to me on fb eedris salaam i wil be happy if u can giv me thank's

Omotayo on 02:13 PM, 17-Mar-12

Pls bro am in nid of all ntwk free browsing cht n codes

Teao on 07:37 PM, 29-Mar-12

4 ur 2go cheat nd odas such as latest 100mb from etisalat. Etc add me on 2go by TEAO or TEAO2

Nuhu on 05:57 AM, 31-Mar-12

Pls send me 2go cheat for etisalat how to move star progress fast my number is 08182732979

Nuhu on 06:00 AM, 31-Mar-12

Pls i need 2go cheat for etisalat how to move my star progress fast my number is 08182732979

Godwin Emmanuel on 02:44 PM, 03-Apr-12

Ooh my god plz guyz am in need of star progress cheat only diz my user name:SIMPLE 210

Jacob on 02:52 PM, 03-Apr-12

Guyz i nid 2go cheat 4 star level badly.. Utibe157... Dat ma username

emmanuel on 09:27 PM, 04-Apr-12

Insufficient credit

Vincent on 02:46 PM, 10-Apr-12

please send me 2go cheat or any browsing cheat for my Nokia 2626, etisalat sim card to my email addresses alot

Uwanna success on 03:54 PM, 16-Apr-12

I nee confirm cheat.bc am a cheat myself in playing i need an mtn 2go cheat to shot my star level to ultimate.pls gal will be greatful

Ibrahim on 07:27 AM, 19-Apr-12

2go cheat for etisalat

Jason hamilton on 03:28 PM, 19-Apr-12

I tryd d airtel stuf it dint work o, hlp me. My email,

Highöctaine on 02:18 AM, 20-Apr-12

Nid 2go star cheat. Add me as highoctaine5

Samx on 11:20 PM, 22-Apr-12

I need mtn or etisalat 2go star cheat so if u got any one dis my email

Surpay on 01:02 PM, 26-Apr-12

Plz i nid 2go cheat nd smthng 2 increase my star prgrs dis is my no. 07063828557

young star on 06:30 PM, 26-Apr-12

i nid 2go cheat

smaartty on 06:49 PM, 26-Apr-12

i tried d airtel stuf, nd i fink it follows d normal procedures cuz its tellin me i hv insufficient crdt. Help pls and snd etisalat cheat 4 opera 4.2 to ma email

Fabling on 04:01 PM, 27-Apr-12

Pls i nid a 2go star increasing cheat add me up fabling2

Kingademos on 09:46 PM, 02-May-12

Pls i need 2go cheats for increasing ur star level pls dis is my email

Ayabdullahi1 or kiston on 01:23 PM, 07-May-12

Guys i need a etisalat cheat how i can if u know try 2 call my number 08099341284

ayjax on 08:12 AM, 12-May-12

gud job bro u a indid d bst o.

hassan on 06:01 PM, 14-May-12

pls guys i ned 2go cheat my star progress is nt moven 1year in profetional pls help me

brayden on 08:36 PM, 15-May-12

add me on bright584 for ur 2go cheats

Don5 on 05:20 PM, 17-May-12

I need etibaba ad mtn cheat adgocredit cheat tank u very much@

Abba yahaya on 07:05 PM, 20-May-12

Guy cn u help me wit 2go go creadit cheat ? Pleas i beg contact me @kakanka on my 2go accnt

west on 09:32 AM, 23-May-12

guy dat airtel mb no work

Samson on 10:34 PM, 25-May-12

Pls i need etisalat cheat pls dis ma num 08176169737 i promise sumtin wonderfull

Kingsmeat on 09:18 AM, 27-May-12

Plz i nid cheats on 2go 2 muv my star progres

Sanabe1 on 10:24 PM, 27-May-12

I hav a fastest 2go cheat for star progrex u wil do 1 day in each star cntct me @sanabe1

Agoziem on 03:39 PM, 30-May-12

Guys i hav d 2go star progres cheat nd its wrkin wel 4 me....if u nid it ad me on 2go <agoziem59> pls cme wit ur 1000gocredit!

Eniola on 10:50 AM, 02-Jun-12

I tried it but it said i did nt av sufficient bal

samuel on 09:46 PM, 05-Jun-12

I nid 2go cheat nd mtn cheat 4 browsin ma number iz 08067513950.nd ma 2go username iz duncan452

udosamuel3 on 11:11 AM, 09-Jun-12

please i need this 2go cheat if u know it just add me my username is udosamuel3

Cheks on 07:41 PM, 12-Jun-12

Ur a liar fck u

Udoka samuel on 03:40 PM, 13-Jun-12

If u want to know airtel 5000 mega byte (5gb) just add me on 2go my usernames are udosamuel3 and udosamuel2 just add any of them and u are ready to cheat. Lolzwinkcool

Toba Shoyele on 01:19 PM, 14-Jun-12

Hey guys, i nid 2go star progress and go credit cheats. Any1 wit d information shud add me on 2go @doncheat... Plz guys i nid it badly

Abdulmalik on 06:26 AM, 15-Jun-12

Hea am i,anybdy hu is in need of 2go cheat,am hea,all wat 2do,iz 2 cool his or her mind,i promise nt 2 collect money 4rm u,until u c it wit ur eyes it workin,den u wil gv me wat i ask u 2...i hv a boss called mammadii,his so kind 2me,never 4get, 08036450070...08092929115,,, my number..nd Abdulmaliik iz my 2go username,4 any1 hu iz interestin,wen u com,we shall talk abt d prize

Lamido on 07:09 AM, 15-Jun-12

Pls nid etisalat cheat star progress

Lamido on 07:09 AM, 15-Jun-12

Pls nid etisalat cheat star progress

Samuel on 03:11 PM, 21-Jun-12


lasaif on 02:24 PM, 23-Jun-12

Pls need mtn star progress 2go cheat my username faisal4122

moses on 10:59 AM, 25-Jun-12

jonzin ppl..if u wnt 2 get 2 ultimate frm novice under 2wks jst add dis guy on 2go...his username is FIFE98 nd is 1 of d top leadn hackers nw...he is jst incredibl

Faisal AhmadG on 06:18 PM, 25-Jun-12

Plx frnds i need ur prys

M.k on 10:49 PM, 27-Jun-12

I need 2go cheat 4 mtn

ibraheem on 12:55 PM, 28-Jun-12

hy gyz i need mtn 2go cheat plx hlp me send me hw i can follow the step wth my facebook o email plx n plx

Joho silver on 04:13 AM, 29-Jun-12

I nid 2go star progress cheat pls my numba is 08176375639

Nanikid on 08:58 AM, 04-Jul-12

Tanks for all u cheats bt pls can u show us etisalat cheat for getting 2go gocredit

ngozi on 11:15 PM, 04-Jul-12

pls i wnt 2 b browsing 4 fri. Bt al ur tricks ar nt workin in my symbian N82. Pls giv me a gud details on Tnk ya.

Izuchukwu on 09:03 PM, 07-Jul-12

Guys pls i meed go credit cheat nd star progress cheat my username is godswill4645

JOSIAH932 on 02:57 PM, 10-Jul-12


Miracle on 06:29 PM, 10-Jul-12

Guys if u know where i can get 2gocredit cheat and star progress pls let me know or snd to my email

lakuro on 07:16 AM, 11-Jul-12

pls i need mb for mtn or etisalat cheat pls post or call me @ 08104019214 or send me @ Thanks...

hormuj on 11:40 AM, 13-Jul-12

guys i jst hacked a method of gettin 2go credits totally free!!!...add me nd send 2go cheat 2 me nd ur 100naira recharge card nd i'll share d secret ma usrname is 'hormuj'

hormuj on 11:50 AM, 13-Jul-12

guys i jst hacked a method of gettin 2go credits totally free!!!...add me nd send 2go cheat 2 me nd ur 100naira recharge card nd i'll share d secret ma usrname is 'hormuj'

Ibrahim978 on 09:43 PM, 13-Jul-12

Plz we nid 2go cheat and free browsing

donvic66 nd Uhuo3 on 06:11 AM, 14-Jul-12

cheat 4 2go is out bt it only works on Glo sim...Etisalat was doing dis cheat bt dey blocked it due to too many people doin d Glo are yet 2 block it..dnt dull or u spend 2 year in master o..with dis cheat u will leave master in less dan 3 weeks o...many people are already doin it ...why nt u?,...add Uhuo3 nd Donvic66 datz my Ultimate acounts.

donvic66 on 06:15 AM, 14-Jul-12

Dnt waste time usin ur money 2 buy Go credit dat wont even move ur star o...use Dis cheat i made nd i promise u..if u dnt enta ultimate 4rm novice in jst 3 weeks den i will nt b d 2go cheat king so famous nw...God bless 2go cheat....

donvic66 nd Uhuo3 on 06:19 AM, 14-Jul-12

.download 2go version 2.0 ..get a glo sim make sure der iz no credit inside it...try 2 log in ur 2go acount will b showin conectin nd loggin in leave it lyk dat....if continue dis 4 2weeks without stopin i swear if u no enta 4rm novice 2 Master den am a fraud....everybody is usin dis cheat nw o, guy or gal dnt dull o...get ur glo sim nw or wait 4 2yearz nd enta Ultimate...God bless

Benjaoge2 on 07:06 AM, 14-Jul-12

Guys 2go cheats day but u go give me small gc add dat name

mazaje on 04:53 PM, 15-Jul-12

pls mi guy i need 2go cheat pls whch procedure i shld follow dix ix my email.
pls hlp me.

Egwolo on 03:17 PM, 20-Jul-12

Plz i need 2go cheat 2 boost my star

Finest2go Fb@Femit1 on 04:38 AM, 25-Jul-12

Let Rub mind pals . . .ad me up wt finest2go i.e 2go,twitter,hi5,yahoo,hotmail,eskimi, e.t.c

A3 on 11:24 AM, 05-Aug-12

I have 2go themes cheat.if u want add me wit abdulhakim99 in 2go

A3 on 04:50 AM, 06-Aug-12

2go cheats are here add me with abdulhakim99

Muhammad6892 on 09:33 PM, 06-Aug-12


MØN£¥MÄK€R on 08:58 AM, 07-Aug-12

Hey palz!,møneymaker is here wit d latest 2go cheat 4 boastin ur star progess,jst add lunex7 on 2go or cal 08180466133 or 08137562742,no nite cals

xayeed on 09:46 AM, 07-Aug-12

m badly in need ov 2go cheat with 80salat plzz mah no 08176149099

Young ebony on 09:00 PM, 10-Aug-12

Pls i nid 2go star cheat

femzy on 10:44 AM, 12-Aug-12

i nid 2go star boster

femzy on 10:45 AM, 12-Aug-12


abdulhafiz on 08:58 AM, 15-Aug-12

pls guy i need mtn cheat 4 credit nd cheat 4 2go ster this my number 08132947454

princechuma on 01:21 AM, 18-Aug-12

D code u pple wrte is nt wrkin in phone. I reive a sayin ur request was not succesful because u do not hv sufficent balance to activate dis service. Pls wat we i do. 08094666616

Abdurrahman on 07:30 PM, 21-Aug-12

I want star progress cheat and go credit cheat

Victor on 07:55 PM, 21-Aug-12

Guyz pls i beg u in d name of God i nid 2go cheat 4 star progress my star is moving very slow

Nathan1098 on 03:10 PM, 29-Aug-12

Add me for latest cheat. E.g 2go,free browsin and many more jst add me wit the username above

Klemy on 10:23 AM, 02-Sep-12

Guy u'r d man.. Bt note if there is cheat 4 recharge cards also, let us know too..

jonathan on 02:32 AM, 09-Sep-12

i luv it

Ekomaye4 on 10:55 AM, 16-Sep-12


Wiz on 08:21 AM, 17-Sep-12


gafar on 09:06 AM, 19-Sep-12

i need 2go cheat wit etisalat

Musa on 11:31 PM, 25-Sep-12

Plz help me wt etisalat cheat 4 2go my number 08189109169 my email plz hlp me

Nathaniel on 11:27 AM, 04-Oct-12

Holla @ me for ur latest 2go cheat and gocredit cheat

Nathaniel on 11:28 AM, 04-Oct-12

Holla @ me for ur latest 2go cheat and gocredit cheat. My username is nathan1098

Icelord32 on 03:50 PM, 06-Oct-12

Add me on icelord32 4 any information abt 2go

Danywonder on 10:22 PM, 11-Oct-12

Hw 2 gt go credit n make ur star move in mtn pls dis z my uzaname danywonder

Samuel on 03:02 PM, 12-Oct-12

Hahaha u guyz r here making noise lyk vessel..;> wit out west of time just me..@hardmb n send a text lyk 2go gc n bost star..or of any cheat u here 2 help ok...i realy appreciat my he's a man..indeed...

Samuel on 03:03 PM, 12-Oct-12

Hahaha u guyz r here making noise lyk vessel..;> wit out west of time just me..@hardmb n send a text lyk 2go gc n bost star..or of any cheat u here 2 help ok...i realy appreciat my he's a man..indeed...

stephen on 08:12 PM, 03-Nov-12

hu knowns abt goword cheat without anagram should add me @ mentor317

CHEATBOI on 05:48 AM, 04-Nov-12

IF u nid d latest 20MB cheat 4 airtel on ur fone rite nw, add me on 2go wif: Francis3892. I won't charge a daim 4rm uCheatboi07062811222

Daniel on 06:04 PM, 19-Nov-12

pls give me 2go cheats for boosting star level when using etisalat.

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Kaumi on 03:42 PM, 16-Dec-12

hollo dosto haratase chala yehi sachaihe maram akg kaumi goni

Sulaiman on 09:02 PM, 06-Feb-13


Reuben my name plz i need 2go cheat on 03:32 PM, 14-May-13

I need mtn 2go cheat pls

Reuben my name plz i need 2go cheat on 03:32 PM, 14-May-13

I need mtn 2go cheat pls

proxy on 08:38 PM, 17-May-13

below you?ll obtain the link to some internet sites that we think you ought to visit proxy

fatai557 on 09:33 AM, 27-May-13

u guyz.., u no fit help abi wey u dey ask 4 smtin b4 u leave cheat .,.... Dat 1 no gud oo.....

Chighosky/chimazwit on 12:03 AM, 30-May-13

If u want any cheat on 2go add chighosky or chimazwit

Mark Abels0n Uche from Igbere in Bende LGA. Abia State. on 02:38 PM, 13-Oct-13

Plx ma dude, ah truly lyk ur p0st abt d cheatz, plx i nid to knw.
1. How to transfa MB, both in Mtn, etisalat and Airtel.
2. How to get free browsin setup.
3. How to transfa Gocrdt from an0da acct wt an0da numba.
Here is ma email ""

sam02 on 10:56 PM, 11-Nov-13

xup guy i need MTN, Etisalat o Airtel cheat plz

Olamide on 06:04 AM, 22-Nov-13

Pls i need 2go star booster and mtn cheat pls
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Daredanlahlah on 04:15 PM, 15-Mar-14

4q u mehn! Dre z no cheat enywre!

Holoruntoba4 on 11:34 AM, 24-Apr-14

great u too good but i need a cheat on 2go star progress my no is 07019695426

gosife on 05:34 PM, 26-Apr-14

plz z d cheat still workin

PRINCEKY on 07:28 AM, 09-Jul-14

Hacking,y e b sy al ur tins na money

Abdulakeem200 on 02:52 PM, 26-Jul-14

If u want mtn 2gocrdit unlimited jst ad me wit abdulakeem200,but term and condition aply

Desmond on 04:49 PM, 27-Jul-14

Plz in nid cheat on etisalat to 2go for free pls send it to me on facebook at

nwabuezerapheal on 04:30 PM, 05-Aug-14


Iwaloye on 01:52 PM, 22-Aug-14

I hve been browsing free wit moi 2go account 4 so many tym. 4 does wu wey nva get diz ofer quickly contant me nw wit diz 2go account, d username x iwaloye6040

Kwonzee on 10:03 PM, 16-Sep-14

Plz i need 2go cheat now

victwo on 10:40 AM, 23-Oct-14

it a great cheat ooo.....

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