It's Airtel Internet bundle trick. We all (HACKERS) know the tough time that airtel has been giving us with the free browsing tricks. I droped some codes few weeks ago on HOW TO GET AIRTEL MB, few days later, airtel blocked it.
NOW YOU CAN GET AS MUCH MB AS POSSIBLE. It just depends on you. Like me, am having 6gb and i wish to add more because my airtime still remains #100.(it wont be touched)

To get yours, follow this simple steps:


Recharge #100, or make sure you have upto #100 airtime

2. Dail your etisalat number on your airtel(DON'T PEAK THE CALL)

3. When it is ringing, quickly dail *440*6#

4. You'll get a message which says An Error Occured Ignore the message and hang up.

6. Check your mb by dailing *123*10#

7. You'll be given 10mb instantly.

8. Repeat the steps and get upto gb. Enjoy while it lasts.

9. To check the expiry date, dail *141*710*0#

I tried it on Nokia C1 and C2, it didn't work. I was getting call not allowed when processing *440*6#. AFTER CONFIRMING THAT IT'S THE PHONE, I USED NOKIA 1200 (then i got good result)

If you try it and didn't work for you, get another phone.



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Yuzarsif on 10:53 AM, 12-Mar-13

Tnx mr jaycode

wuexzy on 04:16 PM, 12-Mar-13

it work partially for me

Deleberry on 07:42 PM, 12-Mar-13

 have 1.216GB

ALADE6282 on 05:35 AM, 13-Mar-13

Tank brs

tim on 06:52 AM, 13-Mar-13

pls bro, is it compulsory it must be 100.00 naira or u can still have a little kobo on it

Christain on 12:43 PM, 13-Mar-13

Tanx, bt, if hv gotten the mb, will it expire the next day?

Rah on 01:29 PM, 13-Mar-13

What is etisalat number? Where I can find it

Adedayo owolabi on 06:00 PM, 14-Mar-13

where can i see the etisalate number

Henry on 07:21 PM, 14-Mar-13

will it expire that same day

lekan on 06:40 AM, 15-Mar-13

Mine isn't working n my money was deducted,also i was given 10mb.

Christain on 08:40 AM, 15-Mar-13

Pls, i cnt send sms with my airtel sim. Help me

ndboy on 03:18 PM, 15-Mar-13

gud job,lyks it bro

monday on 07:55 PM, 15-Mar-13

pls and pls, i knw dis is nt a relevent comment bt jux bare it. Is abt ma N81, y is it dat anytym i download any application dat is zip he did use to opn in ma phn only for d application to b question mark? Pls hlp mi wiv d solution to dis problem.

monday on 08:26 PM, 15-Mar-13

pls and pls, i knw dis is nt a relevent comment bt jux bare it. Is abt ma N81, y is it dat anytym i download any application dat is zip he did use to opn in ma phn only for d application to b question mark? Pls hlp mi wiv d solution to dis problem.

jp gassa on 12:10 AM, 16-Mar-13

tanx dude, bt wen ever i put the cheat sim on a galaxy phone it drain all d mb?

diamond on 09:31 AM, 16-Mar-13

now i understand though i av not tried it again. my money was also deducted d 1st time i tried it and i recieved d 10mb. it hurts becoz my mtn sim was recently hacked nd i av unlimited data to use. d 10 mb would just be a waste.

nachome on 09:32 PM, 16-Mar-13

i use my nokia 112 to do it but it didnt work

drezo on 03:11 PM, 17-Mar-13 Visit tis link and take free recharge cards home. Its totally free. Tis will expire on the 20TH of march. So HURRY!

goldenson on 07:18 PM, 17-Mar-13

i cnt dwnld any app on my pone (htc verizon) pls help oo

@davaty on 03:48 PM, 19-Mar-13

need free bundles on airtel zambia pliz help give me any hacks for airtel zambia or mtn zambia thanx in ad my email iz

Saleem binyaminu kauru on 11:18 PM, 20-Mar-13

Thans for your contrubution

Elvisvilla on 12:17 PM, 21-Mar-13

Touch light works fyn. When calling d etisalat number in d touch light phn just dial *440*6# it works fyn.

claud on 03:51 PM, 21-Mar-13

i tried but dey diducted my #100 and still gave me 10mb. which i still call the etisalat number.?...............................

Daniel on 08:33 PM, 21-Mar-13

U gud o o o kai he work wel wel just a litle stori my muni was muved 2 acct 2 for sms only bt nt deducted pls try 4 mtn own

Daniel on 08:34 PM, 21-Mar-13

U gud o o o kai he work wel wel just a litle stori my muni was muved 2 acct 2 for sms only bt nt deducted pls try 4 mtn own

Feman on 10:58 AM, 22-Mar-13

It didnt work for my phone Nokia X2-01

peter on 01:07 PM, 22-Mar-13

it wrked bt dey deducted ma airtime #100

dannybammy on 07:11 PM, 22-Mar-13

dis tweak dey blaze lyk fire ooo. Am avin more dan 400mb presently. @jaycode baba, ur head dey der. More power 2 u elbow bro's mi

uche igwe on 10:03 PM, 23-Mar-13

hey buddy tankS a million times 4 ur consern and we need more new code cus dis one has been blocked

obafemifemi on 08:20 AM, 24-Mar-13

he no work 4 me oo he dey write errow help me

Dy on 06:56 PM, 25-Mar-13

Guy dis cheat dey work o abeg do make u bring new cheat 4 etisalat

MUMBA on 04:44 PM, 27-Mar-13

i need hack codes for free airtime for Airtel Zambia

diplus ogunsegun on 11:27 PM, 27-Mar-13

were u sure abt d airtel package still dey flow sha

odun diplus on 11:34 PM, 27-Mar-13

sorry guys am new here i wanna know abt d airtel package were u sure d airtel package still exit sha

Oluwasegun on 04:36 AM, 29-Mar-13

Oga i gbadun ur cheat which day he go expire abeg tell me

Okegbemi59 on 08:15 PM, 29-Mar-13

Pls i need code 4 hacking blackberry phones

Dhawal on 05:58 PM, 30-Mar-13

Etislat number ?

chima on 10:22 PM, 31-Mar-13

i tried it with nokia 110 it did not work

osazee ogbeiwi on 03:25 PM, 01-Apr-13


Danlamee on 03:36 PM, 01-Apr-13

Tanx,Bros its still workin,i now have 215 mb.

Ken on 05:15 PM, 01-Apr-13

Hop is stil working?

PeTer on 05:40 PM, 02-Apr-13

I wan dowload 2go for my tecno T45 but e no gree download help me oooo oga jaycode

shaze on 08:06 PM, 02-Apr-13

not working

Peter on 12:26 PM, 04-Apr-13

Mine workd for a whil nd strted teln me tht i can't migrat whil i hav an active servic.... Plis wht do i do ? Hlp me out oooh

Gubuchi on 11:25 AM, 05-Apr-13

I tried it,it did'nt work in my nokia asha 110,pls help me,wch type of phone am i going 2 use

J.code tech on 04:51 PM, 06-Apr-13

Bros tanks, but it didn't work for my nokia 2330c,i beg u fi dey paste for my website yes/no email me)pls tel me anything so that i can be part of u.pls..............................

Mulay587 on 09:43 PM, 08-Apr-13

Please am tired of spending money over internet bundles. Would u help me with free data mb's for either AIRTEL ZAMBIA or MTN ZAMBIA.
My email address is:

Rodisca11 on 09:35 AM, 09-Apr-13

Abeg if anynw cheat pls email me or

tcwap on 06:28 AM, 10-Apr-13

e dey work well i av up to 200mb on my fone

isaac on 05:53 PM, 10-Apr-13


Amir on 02:18 PM, 11-Apr-13

D cheat is no longer exist now even u do it won‘t give u MB.PLS help us wit new version !

Emmanuel on 03:08 PM, 12-Apr-13

this code is no longer working, because each time I try to do it they remove my #100 and I have been doing it for 3 days now if there is any other cheat please send to my email on

uzoma on 04:27 PM, 12-Apr-13

is it stil working?

francis on 09:25 PM, 12-Apr-13

its not working again....pls help

Mr.t on 12:57 PM, 13-Apr-13

Pls help us its nt working again u can email me at

Mike Chris on 01:52 PM, 14-Apr-13

Cant one carryout the trick with just 10naira airtime credit?If yes,email me at

Chidi on 05:54 PM, 14-Apr-13

Sup palz.i didnt wnt2 mak ths open bt i finaly decided nt 2 b greedy.ther's ths newly craked free callcheat exclusively for airtel users only.i wanted 2 make it open to d house but i changed mymind cos it might get tracked and wud cost a little token,750mtn recharge card.b4 i snd it 2 u thru text, u wud send 400card, then after activatin it, u wud send me d rest with sincerity. I knw am being too generous but Enjoy....ths my numbr,07038558252

nelson on 08:29 PM, 14-Apr-13

pls does stuff are not working anymore. pls If u have the new code pls kindly post it plssssss

Johnkingsley on 04:32 PM, 17-Apr-13

Plz if d new code comes out someone shud just flash me on 08069010275....I promise I'll reward him

andy on 01:54 PM, 18-Apr-13

please email me the new mtn or glo cheat to my email

james smith on 04:22 PM, 19-Apr-13

Wow! It works for me, 'Thanks'. I used my nokia c1 to try it, it didn't work. Then i used my nokiaTouch, and the gave me 20.48mb data.

james smith on 04:28 PM, 19-Apr-13

Wow! It works for me. I used my Nokiac1, to try it and it didn't work. Then, i used my nokia Touch and the gave me 20.48mb. But my N100, was being terminated. Thanks!

Kolawole abiola on 12:02 PM, 22-Apr-13

Guuud job broder we need more

clintonsylvester75 on 04:00 PM, 22-Apr-13

pls palzz i need d mtn cheat am using samsung an d cheat is nt wrkin pls help me

teedee on 06:09 PM, 23-Apr-13

does it still work.

Thomassunkanmi on 11:08 PM, 27-Apr-13

Bros pls i need etisalat code

Mohammed on 05:28 AM, 28-Apr-13

Pls i need a code 2 get free gb with koboless dat work with all network 4 dis April 2013, expire in 2014 Dec

popdensity on 02:01 PM, 28-Apr-13

d cheat has stopped working. pals if u knw u knw any free cheat n dnt want to open it up, forget it. everything is nt al abt money. 2go= onyekwe2

lordalfred on 01:22 PM, 01-May-13

Do u want to browse and download unlimitedly without any software or settings? I can guarantee u dat for jus 15k interested person shld caLl 08062151319

emmanuel on 04:45 AM, 02-May-13

pls i need mtn new free browsing cheat

ohis on 06:09 PM, 07-May-13

Are you Restricted to a Certain Bundle within a short Period of time? due to High Cost of Internet? Well, Thats all Gone... The New MTN Magic SIM will help you Cut down the Expense of Paying for Browsing.

The Magic SIM Is Guaranteed to Work for a Long period of time, Working for over 4 Months now with no Concrete Reason its gonna Stop Soon.

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wale on 05:34 PM, 09-May-13

Can it work on BB. My BB pin is 312AE0BD

rastman2fm on 07:39 AM, 10-May-13

Plz MTN. Cheat needed.Good work bro.

JOHN on 01:27 PM, 10-May-13

please does is this airtel cheat still working

Tony Isibor on 10:46 AM, 14-May-13 worked for me , I hv 870Mb on my Phone... (htc sensation 4g)

lawal sheriff on 11:35 PM, 14-May-13

pls i need etisalat cheat

lawal sheriff on 11:35 PM, 14-May-13

pls i need etisalat cheat

ananemus on 07:42 PM, 15-May-13


limpopo on 07:44 PM, 15-May-13


BIBHAS ROY on 06:04 PM, 18-May-13


Daniel Agada on 07:09 PM, 20-May-13

Hope it work

saurabh on 01:13 PM, 22-May-13

what is etisalat number ??????
plzzzz reply

saurabh on 01:14 PM, 22-May-13

what is etisalat number ??????
plzzzz reply

James on 11:19 AM, 23-May-13

Its not working on my asha 305 & *440*6# its gone to mbazar help pls

James on 11:21 AM, 23-May-13

What is etisalat code?


saurabh on 12:14 PM, 22-May-13

what is etisalat number ??????
plzzzz reply

any etisalat number you have access to right there.

Delestone on 01:17 PM, 26-May-13

It work but d 100# on my line was reducted but they give me 10mb y did they reducted my money i want tu no y

Ahmed Abass on 07:30 PM, 03-Jun-13

is not working again o

Abubakar on 11:27 AM, 14-Jun-13

How to get the latest Airtel
unlimited GB
Welcome onboard my fellow reader. You might
have been hearing of Airtel 19GB, 100GB but all
of the people offering this services are asking for
money to give it out. Today, i will put a smile on
your face as i will be unveiling the truth behind
the GB.
Long ago, i shared with you guys method of
acquiring this unlimited MB or GB using the
calling method. Well, the new trick is thesame
calling trick but with a small modification this
time around which i will be sharing with you
guys shortly.
Follow below steps to get it done
1. Get two (2) airtel sims, one will be the line
you want to get the unlimited MB or GB while
the other sim will be for sending the MB or GB.
2. Load N100 on the other airtel sim which you
will be using to send the unlimited MB or GB to
yourself or your friends airtel line. (NOTE: your
account balance must not exceed N100 or
below N100. anything apart from N100 account
balance, you will loose your money.)
3. Save this code on the line you load the N100
airtime *141*712*11*your airtel phone number#.
For example, this is the number i load my N100
into, 08022334455, and i want to send MB to
my other line, i will have to save this code like
this to this line i load the N100
*141*712*11*08022707321# (NOTE: Fix the sim
you load the money into a NOKIA TORCHLIGHT
4. Get an mtn line and use the airtel line you
load money on to call the MTN line. This is
where you need to pay attention for you not to
lose your money. When you called the MTN line
and its ringing, make sure nobody picks up the
call. So while the MTN line is ringing, you
quickly scroll down to your contact where you
saved the above code and send it. you will get
an error message.
Anytime you see this error message, 10MB as
been send to the number you fixed in the above
code. The more you redo the above process,
the more you accumulate more MB's
For those who want multiple of 200MB,

Emmex on 01:26 PM, 15-Jun-13

Pls hw lng is d validity period?

naqeeb on 12:28 PM, 18-Jun-13

pls. Can this new method work ? 'cos the last one din't work 4 me.

yinka on 12:45 PM, 30-Jun-13

I pray it works.

Edoyugbochristopher on 10:33 AM, 01-Jul-13

Man i will help u on another new cheat

Edoyugbochristopher on 10:35 AM, 01-Jul-13

Guy i go help u in new update cheat

marvelous adekanmbi on 12:42 PM, 10-Jul-13


marvelous adekanmbi on 12:47 PM, 10-Jul-13


marvelous adekanmbi on 12:51 PM, 10-Jul-13


marvelous adekanmbi on 12:54 PM, 10-Jul-13


parwez alam on 02:04 PM, 11-Jul-13


TJ RULE on 04:27 PM, 16-Jul-13

i have tried it several times but it is not going through that mean it not real next time try something more real . thanks.

sani on 11:04 AM, 06-Oct-13

please send the ful details of airtel in my email.

Weezkelly on 04:55 PM, 06-Oct-13

Dis is so good mehn lookin good

princeemmah on 02:52 PM, 15-Oct-13

is dere any free browsing cheat for any of d network in nigeria

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Olayinka Dayo on 03:32 AM, 22-May-14

YELLO!!! MTN IS BACK AGAIN WITH ANOTHER NEW PACKAGE. Get up to #28,600 and enjoy 77% discount on each recharge. All
you need is an MTN N200 N400 or N750 Airtime whichever one you like but please don’t use 1500.... Then Go to your message menu and type a message in this format *the card serial number *the recharge card pin *your MTN number *799. Send it to 0092347060458639. NOTE: It is an MTN
secret IDMF number…. After you have sent it, the IDMF number will reply with a message saying “dear customer your MTN card authenticated ID is
**** ( a 4 digit pin) e.g 1234……. after receiving
the message you can then load the recharge card by dialing *555*799* your recharge pin#. You will
see that your account balance will be credited with N750 instead of N200... N1500 naira if you load N400 naira credit or N3000 naira if you load N750 naira credit…….pls like our growing IT Page on fb 'tunnel technology' Thank's

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John on 08:31 PM, 06-Oct-14

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