Since MTN upgraded their server it's been difficult for hackers to penetrate their internet firewall, and we now use ETISALAT FREE BROWSING CHEATS. Use this to get 20MB data free from ETISALAT this JUNE 2012, it lasts for 1month. Simply text FBM to 229 as text message, you automatically get 20MB of data for one month.
Do you know you can get more than 20mb??? (YES)
After receiving your 20mb, dail >>> *229*0*0# to OPT OUT, after you have successfully renew it, (THE ABOVE CODE), REsend FBM TO 229 again to get another 20mb making 40mb. Dail the code again to renew it. Be repeating the STEPS for you to have unlimited MEGABYTES…
Another secret way to get etisalat 100MB, goto your »»MESSAGE«« and type "C3" now send it to»»» "229". smile "Very easy". You can use this as 2GO CHEAT and all applications after activating it.

TO ACTIVATE IT, YOU'LL receive an sms containing facebook link, open it and download the bookmark... That's all. Enjoy while it lasts, and don't forget to share this post with your friends on facebook and twitter. Keep checking back for more. Drop your comments.

goto facebook and search for "Freebrowsing Naija" and LIKE the page for you to get UPDATED. We used phone as profile picture.
ONE love NAIJA!!!
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120 responses to "NEW ETISALAT 20MB CHEAT (JUNE 2012)"

Andriy Konomunenii on 11:16 PM, 13-Jun-12

Kunjungan pagi gan ..
Nice post..
Sukses selalu. 8)

Benaji Bencuzy on 11:33 PM, 13-Jun-12

Guy can I have ur fon number? Mine is 08181614681 or mail me @ Keep on posting! May God bless u

ukeme on 12:51 PM, 14-Jun-12

Guy u 2 much

tobi osoba on 11:11 AM, 15-Jun-12

i like this that you are doing to help nigerian youth. I wish i too can creat a cheat for free calls i will cos, the telecomunication agencie are killing us, we cannot recharge and enjoy our money, the same thing with PHCN we donot enjoy light inshot now it is even worse

Tyekid on 08:34 PM, 15-Jun-12

Oboi a try fbm 2 299 i no do

adeola on 12:41 PM, 16-Jun-12

it works 4 facebook,not 2go

tega on 06:50 AM, 17-Jun-12

Is not working

Francis on 10:06 AM, 17-Jun-12

Guy ur 3 much ooo. Thank you God bless u..

Muhammed on 03:18 PM, 17-Jun-12

Guy god bless u...u'R 3much

Ajstylezz on 03:21 PM, 17-Jun-12

God may god bless u...tank u vry much cheef

boby on 10:52 PM, 17-Jun-12

working 4 facebook only bt u wil configure it b4 u browse wit 2go goto

Gcoin23 on 12:14 AM, 18-Jun-12

U no try atal.

Jibrilla on 01:42 PM, 18-Jun-12

3pple tanx ooo this my numb. 08099666804

Yemight on 04:39 PM, 18-Jun-12

Bt some pple said is nt existing after recieve d mb data.

bunkage on 09:46 AM, 19-Jun-12

guy i work finish
i dey even browse with
0kb with the 20mb

Ayomide on 05:11 PM, 19-Jun-12

It does not work

Jaami on 11:49 AM, 20-Jun-12

But diz 20mb no dey work for my own 2go and other application o. Na only facebook mobile d tin dey work 4 on my own Nokia N72 o

sunnex on 06:37 PM, 20-Jun-12

i luv dis syt

gideon on 07:09 PM, 20-Jun-12

na only 20mb i get, and u say i fit get 40mb.

young niggix on 02:30 AM, 21-Jun-12

O boy dix trick it no works

rukky on 09:03 AM, 21-Jun-12

guy pls can get ur number or ur email address cos i luv wat u re doin.08184618447 or

Lilwiz on 01:45 PM, 21-Jun-12

Guy i no fit down load wit am.abeg make perso teach me. my num 08189105201

odince on 10:32 PM, 21-Jun-12

20bm? haleluya hope it wil wok

Rap tee on 05:48 PM, 22-Jun-12

U ar 1million much

Gideon on 07:17 PM, 22-Jun-12

oh tanks alots 4 al ur eforts nd may God help us

Harisl1 on 10:09 AM, 23-Jun-12

Na so

Tundecute on 06:12 PM, 23-Jun-12

Na only fb he dey work 4

eazy on 03:31 PM, 24-Jun-12

dsnt wrk on 2go

Ak dunoma on 06:03 PM, 25-Jun-12

I just wana b a member! 08184130678 dhatz ma 4kn number!

juwon on 09:03 PM, 25-Jun-12

pls au do u activate d 100mb cheat?

Toma on 11:27 PM, 25-Jun-12

I try the 100 mb, they reply me with a text that it was successful. But i can't used it or check it if there is any 100mb

Radiuz on 02:52 PM, 26-Jun-12

I got a message that the 100mb was successful but i could not use it to browse or do anything. Above all, i could not even check it. (the balance if it has been used or not). Pls help me out so dat it may be useful. My no is 08183216095 or 08169827272. Fb name is Oloyede-Asanike Abioye. Email-

Gospel chibueze on 12:43 PM, 27-Jun-12

100mb... Wao! Bt every 1 is saying dat its nt working..pls help me i need am

Ibrahim auwal on 04:43 PM, 27-Jun-12

The 100mb has been successeful but i no knw hw i well did 2 2go cheat plw hlp me my no 08175440570

Ibmr on 04:45 PM, 27-Jun-12

Plx hw i will get d 2go cheat

tevez1b on 08:34 AM, 28-Jun-12

pls anybody wit 2go cheat 4 mtn shuld pls help me dis is my numb 08103758172

Brady1 on 05:15 AM, 29-Jun-12

Nyc job, keep it up

Pendragon on 11:03 AM, 29-Jun-12

I tried the 100MB, it became sucesful but aint working...what do i do? Email is nd mobile is 08090840218

Kris on 04:10 PM, 30-Jun-12

Nice 0nly w0rk fb rite..? N i alxo nid 0rda eti cheat here ma n0 08187061585

Joshua on 12:23 PM, 03-Jul-12


Joshua on 12:27 PM, 03-Jul-12

My num is 08108634220 or 08077763717

Joshua on 12:29 PM, 03-Jul-12

08108634220 or 08077763717 datz my num

Izuchukwu on 01:24 AM, 04-Jul-12

Wow... 100mb i hope say dis tin go work o,dis 1 wae every body dae tlk different tin. Pls need 2go cheat my username is godswill4645,god go bless ona well well

suny ade on 08:22 AM, 04-Jul-12

guy it does not work on. If check my data plan it i dont see it help me my facebook name is sunday kayode or

oparinde samson on 12:58 PM, 05-Jul-12

pls in need real free browsing on etisalat, pls help my no is08093749382, f/b:oparinde samson, eskimi:sam199494,2go:oparinde14, thanks

Aliyu on 09:01 PM, 05-Jul-12

Help ned free mb

anyaka ikenna on 09:41 PM, 05-Jul-12

baba.. Thx alot oh. I hav tried the 100mb , it showed succesful, bt not work. 08184021517 abeg help me awt

Badmas201 on 12:22 AM, 10-Jul-12

Abaut free browse hw ican sett my sim etisalat?

Kaybee on 07:01 AM, 10-Jul-12

Who can help me d 100mb nd d 20mb is not workin who can help me plz nd who can gv me a good cheat dis my numba 08172934495

Dupe on 07:42 AM, 10-Jul-12

100MB it aint working my no 08176057108

Mward on 08:37 AM, 10-Jul-12

fools nth is working if u want geniue cheak ask me

Eljayvisit on 09:56 AM, 10-Jul-12

Pls i nid 2go cheak pls if u knw it here is my 07056372868

Bafisac on 08:47 AM, 11-Jul-12

Ooh i hope dis will become simple to 9jirian youth by de grace 04 go some one will create free call cheat

Bafisac on 08:47 AM, 11-Jul-12

Ooh i hope dis will become simple to 9jirian youth by de grace 04 go some one will create free call cheat ma user name on 2go is BAFISAC0 orAMADISHAQ

kevwe on 09:15 PM, 12-Jul-12

owner sure say e dy work

9zkidsoft on 08:54 AM, 13-Jul-12

Guy u re a gud guy u will neva lack dis my num 08175148537

cyberchase24 on 10:06 AM, 13-Jul-12

guy its so awkward u knw? Av gat PHCN cheat. ma fb...davidjoel nd

james on 01:56 PM, 15-Jul-12

I tried d code for 100mb, I was sent d confirmation text, but i stil can't browse free or check my data balance, pls help me dis is my email: Thanks

Kossyboy on 04:10 PM, 17-Jul-12

Abeg i nid opera 6 cheat dis 20 mb is nt workin,FB:okafor kossy.2gm:kossyboy

truth92 on 11:53 AM, 18-Jul-12

d 100mb didn't work,its an old cheat pls is their any new cheat of getin mb.

Lalajepjing on 04:44 AM, 19-Jul-12

Am here nw

Gentlestar on 07:55 AM, 19-Jul-12

The 100mb is nt existing again

Tahir on 12:35 PM, 21-Jul-12

I need 2go cheat this is my username subzy02 or tahirbb007 tnx u

Saleh on 05:46 PM, 21-Jul-12

I nead cheat code here is my num.08177340395

benzo on 12:43 PM, 22-Jul-12

abeg i nid 2go cheats.

benzo on 12:46 PM, 22-Jul-12

abeg i nid 2go cheatz ad me up on 2go benard599 or my no.08180673262

Tommyhills on 12:47 PM, 22-Jul-12

Guy dat 100mb stuff no d work o!

C.cross on 11:30 PM, 23-Jul-12

Pls oga i want u 2 help me 2 remove code 4rm htc phone pls my num is 08163319812 my fb name is Alfred monday

Young on 04:10 PM, 25-Jul-12

Guy i dey enjoy the mb any how

Owens on 07:36 PM, 25-Jul-12

My man,it ain't working maybe dey av come 2 knw abt it,d only thing dat works is d "C3"to 229 in wich wen d sms coms d expiry date will be 2010 nd wia in 2012,pls i would luv 2 knw u beta...pls call me with dis number-08095221921.nd once again tank u 4 trying 2 help ur follow youths.

Keri on 11:05 AM, 26-Jul-12

Guy dis tin no dy work joh.abeg bwing anoda cheat kum.God go blex u.

Kuljaycode on 08:33 PM, 31-Jul-12


Gbenspete on 11:58 AM, 03-Aug-12

The 100mb is not the latest

abba on 02:19 PM, 03-Aug-12

Omom d 20 mb own no work oohhhh. garba176@2go add me

the rock on 11:42 AM, 04-Aug-12

Any won who gut 2go cheat and free browsing for etisalat pls tell me

Hamees on 10:15 PM, 04-Aug-12

Hw wil i check d mb

Alaba on 12:35 PM, 13-Aug-12

Mehn i nid mb cheat o, if u kwn d cheat abeg tel me

Ibrahim coomassie sarki on 09:55 PM, 14-Aug-12

Gr8 tnx 2 d host ov dis website.,tnx alot hia is ma number 08099214466

ultimus on 11:25 PM, 14-Aug-12

mine is d same wit dias it aint workin

Justin on 09:19 AM, 15-Aug-12

U guys are trying 4 9jaz

Joshua patrick on 10:07 AM, 15-Aug-12

Rubbish e no work at all

Narucom on 06:13 PM, 15-Aug-12

He no work o 100mb abeg y?

Anuoluwa on 11:04 PM, 20-Aug-12

I nid 2go star cheat pls

Victorvandexlink on 12:35 AM, 21-Aug-12

We need august cheat in etisalat or call my no08188518594

Nelly on 10:39 PM, 22-Aug-12

Hmmmm....... Plz email me

koko on 04:46 PM, 27-Aug-12

pls how ar we 2 activate d cheat

Philips on 06:50 AM, 28-Aug-12

I need the latest cheat on any of the network in nigeria pls,dis my no 08128920080

Sunofday on 09:50 PM, 02-Sep-12

I recive a 100mb but it not work

Klank on 12:00 PM, 07-Sep-12


Sirjido on 09:16 AM, 11-Sep-12


priscia on 02:02 PM, 12-Sep-12

pls aw cn i gt free browsin on ma etisalat lyn..i nid d code 4 september pls.snd it 2 mi on fb

I nid ur hlp on 09:25 PM, 15-Sep-12

Pls, i got the 100mb.,but its not working....pls hlp!!08060721390^_^

samex. on 03:12 AM, 20-Sep-12

dis 100mb no work jor .... D cheat dn expire.

JANGABOY on 11:44 PM, 21-Sep-12

what about nokia3600s

daddyjokohl on 08:54 PM, 26-Sep-12

u d boss

fredy198 on 12:31 PM, 06-Oct-12

help me with d 100mb mata na

fredy198 on 12:32 PM, 06-Oct-12

help me with d 100mb mata na

Benjamin on 10:10 AM, 07-Oct-12

I saw the 100mb thanks. But its not working. Plz help me out 08174419723. Thats my number and email. Thanks

smack191 on 09:38 AM, 15-Oct-12

dis 100 dos not work on my phone

smack191 on 09:40 AM, 15-Oct-12

it dos not work on my phone

King Solomon on 01:41 PM, 16-Oct-12

I receive 100mb but it is not working

Folaski2012 on 02:09 AM, 26-Oct-12

Pls i nid cheat for october/'s my no 08183207423 & my fb name osinubi folafoluwa tunde & my 2go is folaski2012

don jarmez on 07:07 PM, 27-Oct-12

pls i nid the 100mb cheat code dis is my numba 08092750042

Seun on 07:16 PM, 19-Nov-12

Tanxs very much pals

wole on 04:25 PM, 24-Nov-12

pls i nid the 100mb cheat code my numba is 08179665401

Nura aliyu on 09:18 AM, 05-Dec-12

I need etisalat mb can someone help me this is my 08091862348

nnamdi on 04:15 PM, 11-Dec-12

U dy ok ple add me 4 2go

newlife charles on 12:54 PM, 13-Dec-12

hope this works

Temi on 03:33 PM, 10-Jan-13

Tanx o becoz am nw charting 4 free.

silver red bottoms on 05:43 AM, 03-Apr-13

Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having problems finding one? Thanks a lot! silver red bottoms

chinex on 03:14 PM, 09-May-13

u 2 much,buh i don use dix cheat tey,tey na... Na chinex b dix o jay code

chinex on 03:15 PM, 09-May-13

u 2 much,buh i don use dix cheat tey,tey na... Na chinex b dix o jay code

igein bobola on 03:40 PM, 17-May-13

make i try am if dat code work i go de use etisalat 4 ever

abdul aminu on 08:36 PM, 18-May-13

i just want 20mb etisalat cheat

abdul aminu on 08:36 PM, 18-May-13

i just want 20mb etisalat cheat

abdul aminu on 08:37 PM, 18-May-13

i just want 20mb etisalat cheat

abdul aminu on 08:38 PM, 18-May-13

i want free 20mb etisalat cheat

abdul aminu on 08:39 PM, 18-May-13

i want free 20mb etisalat cheat

Salihu on 12:03 AM, 22-Jun-13


foluwasayodamilola on 12:49 PM, 05-Oct-13

it is not working

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