Trick on HOW TO Mix Stylez On 2go


Mixing of stylez on 2go is not hard when you follow this post cos its gonna be easy.
Open your 2go, move to SETTINGS and click. Now click on CHANGE STYLE, use any of your free stylez. "example of my free stylez are Void, Chr0M, TwoZero, Metallic, etc.(now choose your own that is free). When the style has been shown, click on save and allow it to load to 66%. At this stage, i.e, When it is loading...
quickly press the RED BUTTON on your phone for it to be quited.(2stylez)... Open your 2go and starts chatting.
You have successfully MIXED two stylez. It makes it to look more attractive than the normal stylez. Enjoy


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244 responses to "Trick on HOW TO Mix Stylez On 2go"

Aloraboy on 09:22 AM, 02-May-12

Na dey fuck up make na bring etisalat free browsing we no nid dis one

olayemi007 on 09:23 PM, 02-May-12

u try bro

James on 07:31 PM, 04-May-12

Guyz,if lie mak GOD punish me.i was in professional b4,althou its almost full in d star progress,bt 2days later,i found out dat am in Expert. Thanks JAYCODE.MORE OF THIS...

Abdulkadir on 06:48 PM, 05-May-12

pls dix cheat ix nt workin on ma 2go

isah on 12:50 PM, 06-May-12

y is it dat my 2go ster progress is slow

isah on 12:51 PM, 06-May-12

add me in 2go isahkabs125

Dan10 on 01:59 PM, 06-May-12

Duh boring cheat rubish

Skippo81 on 09:34 PM, 06-May-12

Juz wanna say tanx 4 dis TRICK bcos i av been in professional for the past 2 stil in professional but i can see som changes because its moving.
I also want to appreciate al wat u tot me on 2go. Tnx. Its yr boy skippo81 on 2go.

Ceejay on 09:05 AM, 08-May-12

Dat may be true nd it may not be

Tobi on 06:17 AM, 09-May-12

Dis 2go cheat i need am well well but dis 1 way them dey talk me no understand.

Walid330 on 07:08 AM, 09-May-12

Am in prof

Imran on 07:52 AM, 09-May-12

Tanx 4 d rubbish cheats

Godken1 on 02:43 PM, 11-May-12

Add me on 2go by this username Godken1.

jack on 04:55 PM, 11-May-12

it rokzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....kudos bro

Jernnydapoz on 05:42 PM, 11-May-12

Have been in expert for like 3days but for d help of d rubbish cheat, ah entered leader within 2weeks...u can add me with jernnydapoz

marvex on 05:44 AM, 12-May-12

oooops...apparently, its not working

Cyndy on 07:34 AM, 13-May-12

Mehn d cheat aint workin jawe.mtchew

Cyndy on 07:34 AM, 13-May-12

Mehn d cheat aint workin jawe.mtchew

Beyounce18 on 03:37 PM, 13-May-12

it dosnt wrk,asin der z xo no progress!mtchew.fenk God ma no lnga a prof,heading 4 leader nw

Chukwudi on 07:19 PM, 13-May-12

Pls i nid etisalat 2go cheat badly pls any help sud ad me on 2go wit Chukwudi1494.

Eko jamices on 01:14 PM, 14-May-12


Auwal2b on 03:04 PM, 15-May-12

Plx i need 2go cheat 4 both starProgress nd gocrdt thanx

Baffa sokoto on 01:20 PM, 16-May-12

Guyz,i always chat free in ma 2go,nd am usd wit etisalat...daz ma num 08182660731 2go uzanym libaffa

abija solar on 02:07 PM, 17-May-12

are you sure that it we work hum 2go guyz you have started again ooooooo//////////////////

Paulplay on 02:39 PM, 17-May-12

Thanks man 4 dis fast trip i reli luv it

Yazid on 09:55 PM, 17-May-12

D cheat day wok die

A-WHY on 11:52 AM, 18-May-12


Komukasheshi on 01:35 PM, 18-May-12


Windeck61z9 on 01:07 AM, 19-May-12

Plz i ned 2go cheat me windeck61z9 plz

Prince on 09:44 AM, 19-May-12

Guys dis cheat nah dey prof me use dis cheat me enta novice add me on 2go vineprince01

Bavarian on 02:18 PM, 19-May-12

Why would u need a star progress boost cheat for God's sake?!!!

Simplep2 on 08:13 AM, 20-May-12

Dis whol 2go cheat tin is nt working u guys are postin rubish

yking18 on 08:40 AM, 20-May-12

xup peepz if,if u want 2 become a 2go gurusian add me@2go ds my username: Y|<ING18

Cray on 11:04 AM, 20-May-12

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Yahaya on 11:42 AM, 20-May-12

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Samarazs on 11:43 PM, 20-May-12

Am 2go ultimate ...if u want star progress u can add me on samarazs...itzzzzz a rocket star booster

Pulasky on 05:30 AM, 21-May-12

Thnx a lot iz workin

Thezeal on 10:19 PM, 21-May-12

Tanx 4 d 2go cheat. Just ride on. My username is thezeal

Francis5572 on 06:58 AM, 22-May-12


jasper williams on 03:15 PM, 22-May-12

diz tin aint workin oh

williams on 06:51 AM, 23-May-12

plz i nid 2go cheat o iv bin in prof 4 3 month plz i nid me williams1269

williams on 06:53 AM, 23-May-12

i nid 2go cheat on star progres plz ad me! Williams1269

Timothy1607 on 07:07 AM, 23-May-12

Diz cheat isnt working 4 me.

My name is gbe3 on 03:25 PM, 23-May-12

If u need 2go free browsings code pls add me is free of charge

The-Horny-Of-Ife on 08:47 PM, 23-May-12

For Latest Cheat On How To Enter Any Room(even Ladies Only) add me On Unilagoon@2go. #shikena

ahmeeed on 11:20 PM, 23-May-12

hey,guyz plz mak som 1 hlp me ma 2go star does'nt move fast i nid d cheat badli ooooo..... ma usa name iz (ahmeeed212) tanxxxx....

Actionboy on 07:41 AM, 24-May-12

I have cheat 4 2go,star progress,and freebrowsing plz add me wit this username actionboy6

Goldy70 on 10:11 AM, 24-May-12

U are bless my guy

emdinho on 01:55 PM, 24-May-12

bravo! Hw did u com abt dat mumucious fantastic sence ,...u r a guru ma guy

Saint.c. on 07:38 PM, 24-May-12

Tanks 2 samarazs. Guys d cheat iz truly a ROCKET BOOSTER!! If u ar stil interestd hook me up on prince4172 or samarazs!

bert on 11:28 AM, 25-May-12

Gyz abeg how do i dwlod d cheat 4 ma star boosta la??? Plz hlp me on 2go 'jur79' :'(:'(:'(

bert on 11:29 AM, 25-May-12

Emdinho dd it wrk 4 u....plz ow do i get it?

Farouq on 09:34 PM, 25-May-12

Pls add me nd gave me d cheat @ islama2010

Misbahu on 10:25 AM, 26-May-12

My name is misbahu an i liv in zuru an 2go master but my ster ds‘tnt mvin sçcfl . Add mi at misbahu38

Macbeth404@2go on 11:31 AM, 28-May-12

Plz..will i b doing d style tin evryday or is it jxt once?

Afolabi on 01:33 AM, 29-May-12

Add me on 2go. Haphow

Ohwofasa rukevwe on 06:33 AM, 29-May-12

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dkt13 on 01:19 PM, 29-May-12

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Sexibitz. on 07:21 PM, 29-May-12

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Iysu king on 09:25 AM, 30-May-12

Please can someone tell me how to change my 2go phone number.if you can add me with this username:iysuking

jaspyn on 03:36 PM, 31-May-12

i've been a prof for a long time...if you can help me,add me at grazhoper103 or 0797280255

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Muhsyn on 12:42 AM, 02-Jun-12

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chrisomobed on 12:22 PM, 02-Jun-12

i have it

Godken1 on 07:34 AM, 03-Jun-12

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Abdul on 10:10 PM, 05-Jun-12

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Erufa2 on 10:33 PM, 05-Jun-12

Dat is nt

Don_base on 06:15 AM, 06-Jun-12

I need cheat 4 qo credit

Don_base on 06:16 AM, 06-Jun-12

I need cheat 4 qo credit

Destro on 04:10 PM, 06-Jun-12

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Fatai on 04:59 PM, 06-Jun-12

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Chuzi on 12:47 AM, 07-Jun-12

Actually i no fit shout... All dis add me in 2go wit dis name CHUKSVALUMEH add add add, what else is a genios abt u dan ma roll... Add me up wit dat twelve alpherbets if u wan 2 lean abt 2 handle a gun. *winks*

Ay on 11:47 AM, 07-Jun-12

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youngstar on 03:19 AM, 08-Jun-12

y use diz cheat instead of doin it d easy way......add me on 2go more info.....username:kenny

Onyemize9 on 05:14 PM, 08-Jun-12

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Abdulsalam on 12:52 PM, 09-Jun-12

My own i try in no work wooo mek wuna help me

Aliyu Abdullahi Gadanga on 02:36 AM, 10-Jun-12

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Inalex on 10:43 AM, 10-Jun-12

Dis shit aint workin

lil femmzy on 02:44 PM, 10-Jun-12

i pray dis cheat works o

stereowayne on 11:37 AM, 11-Jun-12

Plz I nid cheat 4 2go star to move faster than b4 plz if u ave add me on stereo16

dadascores on 09:44 AM, 12-Jun-12

nah waooo aba make u guys dey think nah na waoo wat a beutiful rubbish

maikus on 10:02 AM, 12-Jun-12

ar u guys sure dis will work

Chidi Rebecca on 11:05 AM, 12-Jun-12

I nid 2go cheat pls add me on 2go chid02

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Martins on 11:31 AM, 13-Jun-12

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Torresy on 04:03 PM, 13-Jun-12

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Torresy on 04:04 PM, 13-Jun-12

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Ahmed on 10:32 PM, 13-Jun-12

Pls guys i need dis 2go star progres cheat pls.

Aliyu Abdullahi Gadanga on 11:57 PM, 13-Jun-12

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Babs on 02:54 AM, 14-Jun-12

Bullshit its a beautiful nonsence

lilmilzy on 03:05 PM, 14-Jun-12

pls guys my star is nt movin... nedumsboy1....... dats me

ab fatai on 11:45 AM, 15-Jun-12

i nd help on 2go add me pls

zubeekings on 12:53 PM, 15-Jun-12

i hop dis cheat wrks cos i nid am bdly,ad me as Zoobee1

Femily on 06:34 AM, 16-Jun-12

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Precisen on 04:42 PM, 16-Jun-12

How can i get this 2go cheat on my phone?

abdulmalik on 12:59 AM, 17-Jun-12

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archimex1 on 10:44 AM, 17-Jun-12

quick star progress

Sensei on 10:56 PM, 17-Jun-12

Ah was in novice as about last week buh nw am in xpect headin 2 leader dat cheat iz da Bomb!!

mustapha06 on 02:19 PM, 18-Jun-12

i need 2go cheat that can make my star move from novias to ultimat add me in mbsfuck i will give him something

daniel on 11:32 AM, 19-Jun-12

d cheat day work

Dannyrez on 08:40 PM, 19-Jun-12

chai!!! Dis cheat no work oo

Dannyrez on 08:43 PM, 19-Jun-12

chai! Dis cheat no work oo

Amlove2 on 10:21 PM, 19-Jun-12

i nee another way to increase my star progress

Lwhizy on 05:50 PM, 20-Jun-12

O boy ye, dis cheat na cormfirm i swear i go continue 2 de use dis cheat, add me, lwhizy

Lwhizy on 05:50 PM, 20-Jun-12

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Salis musa on 06:39 AM, 22-Jun-12

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Dwise on 10:55 AM, 24-Jun-12

I need opera mini free browsing cheat

Timothy Washima on 10:14 PM, 24-Jun-12

guy tnx alot 4 d cheat, it rili helped

Stanley on 09:48 PM, 25-Jun-12

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Paulraimi on 11:20 AM, 26-Jun-12

Add me paulraimi,am about to use this cheat,if it dont work,hmn

Paulsnoop664 on 09:01 PM, 26-Jun-12

Dis 2go cheat given 2 people is wrong

Jampearl on 10:01 AM, 27-Jun-12

This is not a cheat... If you want real 2go star booster cheat... Add Jampearl... I waz tru wit master in 5days

Young m0ney on 01:17 PM, 28-Jun-12

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baba rijiya on 05:26 PM, 28-Jun-12

Y ma 2go star progress is nt mvin

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Osas on 06:21 AM, 01-Jul-12

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Nathan1098 on 03:02 PM, 02-Jul-12

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Donyayo on 09:45 PM, 02-Jul-12

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Abdulmutallib Haruna on 11:12 AM, 03-Jul-12

Dis 2go cheats is not working

Abdulmutallib Haruna on 11:13 AM, 03-Jul-12

Dis 2go cheats is not working

Abdulmutallib Haruna on 11:13 AM, 03-Jul-12

Dis 2go cheats is not working

Gentle king on 12:25 AM, 04-Jul-12

D cheat ix wackd
ad me up imobe1 on 2go

Piroski precious on 09:59 AM, 05-Jul-12

Mehn dis cheats suck dnt knw if it is kul bt we will find out SOUTH SHOUT 2 EVERYBODY IS UR BOI PIROSKI20 ON 2GO C YA

Unnamed on 10:47 AM, 05-Jul-12

Every1,dnt be decieved by what u see,al dis cheat is 2 chop ur money,ive done it wit many people nd eida dey delete u or tel u 1 long nonsense dat wil nt work,all d people u see dat is praising d cheat,its d same person!!!...der is ntil like cheat,dnt waste ur money,i want 2 see anyone dat can prove of d reality of d cheat...den i can aprove it,note dat dey wil chop ur money ooo....beta hear now,dey wil chop ur money,its fake,419...warning:neva engage dis people,tank u

Unnamed on 10:54 AM, 05-Jul-12

D cheat aint workin,i wanna c who can prove d reality of d cheat 2 me,al dose hailin d cheat is d sme pesin,419.

Nathan1098. Lovelyguy on 11:47 AM, 05-Jul-12

I am waitin for you guys wo. Add me.

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Tun55 on 12:52 AM, 06-Jul-12

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Brady1 on 07:58 PM, 07-Jul-12

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Nazeef02 on 04:40 PM, 10-Jul-12

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danny2 on 06:30 PM, 10-Jul-12

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Izzudden on 12:13 AM, 12-Jul-12

Pls mr.jaycode this cheat does nt work on my nokia C1 can i have my own pls add me on 2go izzuddinggw

phrancovic11 on 05:16 PM, 13-Jul-12

Pls am usein bb hw can i u de cheat

Prince on 10:05 AM, 14-Jul-12

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Wizzybrite on 10:19 AM, 15-Jul-12

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Akogun999 on 11:40 AM, 16-Jul-12

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Dharnihell20 on 05:10 AM, 17-Jul-12

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If u nid jokes.....akogun on 08:29 AM, 17-Jul-12

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rodrigues on 07:18 PM, 21-Jul-12

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Tahir on 01:15 PM, 22-Jul-12

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Iibk on 09:48 PM, 26-Jul-12

tanx dude

Abdulkadir on 11:04 AM, 27-Jul-12

Dis cheat z lng gon,nt wrkin animor

King lero on 10:28 AM, 29-Jul-12

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nathanzema on 02:57 PM, 02-Aug-12

guy i dor da tire 4 al ds ur trick weh nr da wrk o micthewww

Emmy on 11:58 AM, 03-Aug-12

Mehn,,, this rubbish is nt working o

dave007 on 10:47 AM, 04-Aug-12

just buy a glo sim make sure there is no credit there and get a 2go v2.0 and login just leave will write logging in and starting 2go and connecting again and it goes on like that leave it for hours and see.... if i am wrong let God punish me

Smallvile on 08:19 PM, 04-Aug-12

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Smallvile on 08:19 PM, 04-Aug-12

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olamide416 on 06:18 PM, 05-Aug-12

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Michael omoniyi on 08:08 PM, 05-Aug-12

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Iyam on 01:06 AM, 12-Aug-12

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Kunle on 01:14 PM, 14-Aug-12

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Abdulkadir on 06:31 AM, 16-Aug-12

Guyz do u tink itz easy 2 jst wak up 1 mrnin n post an importnt cheat/trick 4 free wen u cn jst sel it...if ani1 shld post ani trick,it as alrdy bin blckd a wik b4 e/she post it...nd 4 ppl dat r sayin dy hav d cheat bt add dem first{dy min 2 cheat u}if nt y dint dy post it hr nd put der usanam,of cos if it wrkz pple wil add dem n shw gratitude

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Step3- loggin to ur 2go...write ur name and ur password...den it'll show connecting...logging in...starting 2go.... After sumtym Reconnecting
*jst leave it lyk dat...mayb 4hrs,12hrs,24hrs...any of ur choice... Nd see d helpz aløt!...i finishd professional jst 3days*... 2 download version 2.0... Go to google and search *2go twisft*... Jst add me lewis841...for Airtel and Glo free browsing cheat... OHH... I can also get you 3gb with 300 on *etisalat*.... Lewis841

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Aliyu Abdullahi Gadanga on 07:07 AM, 25-Apr-13

1- raw 2go/opera that in .zip format
2- blueftp full version
3- class editor
4- class translator
→N0TE: This tutorial is strickly for java phone users 0nly.
For e.g Let us see how to mod 2go
- 0pen ur blueftp nd make sure that the 2go is in .zip format, if there is an EXT in it remove it nd rename it to .zip with ur blueftp, then open ur blueftp again nd find the make sure u have created a folder in the ur memory nd give a folder name, then goto ur nd click on it u'll see many files e.g ca.class, b.class, c.class, twogo.class they re many upto z.class, then enter menu scroll down to select all and click, then press 1 and open the new folder that u have created and extract all the copy item to the folder by pressing 3 then extraction will begin...
Keep pressing yes untill all items are extracted, then exit blueftp
- 0pen class translator locate the folder which u put those files u extracted and enter all classes, make sure u enter all the classes and change what u re familiar with nd leave those u re not familiar with, then save.
N0TE: dont leave a spare files
This is very simply easily , jst 0pen ur blueftp nd locate ur pic, click menu on it, scroll down nd select rename item then rename it to icon.png, then press * nd press 1 again, then goto extracted file's folder nd scroll down u'll see icon.png press menu on it scroll down to delete item nd click, then press 3 to paste ur picture which u renamed nd copy it since, then exit blueftp.
- 0pen ur class editor locate the folder which the extracted file were in, find the meta-inf open it, inside u'll see another folder called was found then scroll down look carefully nd find MIDlet-name: and the name of 2go is that the 1 that u'll see infront of midlet-name: nd highlight the word 2go only nt a midlet-name: by pressing * the infr0nt of the name and press 5 then press 5 again, enter text, put ur own text e.g 2go by ur name, then select option nd save, by using this u have change the 2go name.
- 0pen ur blueftp and enter that folder which the extracted file re in, and press menu select the files, press menu again and click on conpress to jar then u'll see somethng like file_jar clean the file and put 2go or anything there and press ok and keep pressing yes untill all items are compressed then exit blueftp and go to the folder located the file_jar or anythng u change it to, and rename it to .jar after renaming then find the file u renamed and u'll see the application.
→ HELP: For more information add me on 2go by this usernane Gadanga190, gadangathebest or Gadangadtm. Bt take n0te dnt aks silly question

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